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Vacuklav 41-B

Vacuklav 41-B
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Model: Vacuklav 41-B

Vacuklav 41-B

No tap-water connection necessary

Chamber depth: 35 cm, 18 litres

The Vacuklav 41-B is a "stand-alone" autoclave with built-in water storage tank and works with a fractionated pre-vacuum and satisfies the requirements to “Class B”- autoclaves of the European standard EN 13060. The deep vacuum is created by a very high performance electrical vacuum pump.
The deep post-vacuum ensures optimal drying of wrapped materials and large quantities of wrapped textiles and porous goods as well.

The Vacuklav 41-B can be connected with the water treatment system MELAdem 40 or MELAdem 47 to a water source and drain as an option.

The total time for sterilizing 5 kg of wrapped instruments in the universal program is approx. 25 minutes (including drying).
This means up to 50% time saving compared to the majority of other "Class B" autoclaves! Instruments required at short notice can be sterilized in only 10 minutes (including drying) with repeated pre-vacuum.
This time saving also means saving money, because shorter operation time means more rapid turn-around times and therefore fewer expensive instruments in the practice.

The required documentation of the sterilization cycles is carried out over the built-in network interface.
The data can be stored directly on the practice network. It is also possible to print the data with the protocol printer MELAprint 42 or store the data on the MELAflash CF Card.

Vacuklav autoclaves are delivered with a mount for trays or cassettes included in the price of the autoclave. Combi mount C (for 6 trays or 3 standard-tray-cassettes) will be delivered as standard. Likewise different sterilization containers are available.


Technical Data



External dimensions:



Width: 46 cm, Height (incl. display): 56 cm, Depth: 57 cm


ø 25 x 35 cm

Volume of the chamber:

18 litres


Width: 19 cm, Depth: 29 cm, Height: 2 cm,


56 kg


Power supply:

230 Volt / 50 Hz / 3,400 Watt

2year warranty on parts and labour

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