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Vacuklav 43-B

Vacuklav 43-B
Availability: In Stock
Model: Vacuklav 43-B

Vacuklav 43-B

No tap-water connection necessary
Chamber depth: 45 cm, 22 litres

The Vacuklav 43-B is a "stand-alone" autoclave with built-in water storage tank and works with a fractionated pre-vacuum and satisfies the requirements to “Class B”- autoclaves of the European standard EN 13060. The deep vacuum is created by a very high performance electrical vacuum pump. The deep post-vacuum ensures optimal drying of wrapped materials and large quantities of wrapped textiles and porous goods as well.

The Vacuklav 43-B can be connected with the water treatment system MELAdem 40 or MELAdem 47 to a water source and drain as an option.

The total time for sterilizing 5 kg of wrapped instruments in the universal program is approx. 25 minutes (including drying).
This means up to 50% time saving compared to the majority of other "Class B" autoclaves! Instruments required at short notice can be sterilized in only 10 minutes (including drying) with repeated pre-vacuum.
This time saving also means saving money, because shorter operation time means more rapid turn-around times and therefore fewer expensive instruments in the practice.
The required documentation of the sterilization cycles is carried out over the built-in network interface.
The data can be stored directly on the practice network

Vacuklav autoclaves are delivered with a mount for trays or cassettes included in the price of the autoclave. Combi mount C (for 6 trays or 3 standard-tray-cassettes) will be delivered as standard. Likewise different sterilization containers are available.


Technical Data

External dimensions:



Width: 46 cm, Height (incl. display): 56 cm, Depth: 68 cm


ø 25 x 45 cm

Volume of the chamber:

22 litres


Width: 19 cm, Depth: 42 cm, Height: 2 cm,


57 kg

Power supply:

230 Volt / 50 Hz / 3,400 Watt

2year warranty on parts and labour

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