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RO Water Filter

RO Water Filter
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Model: 123

The Siltex RO filter takes normal tap water and process via 4 stages to produce clean water suitable for sterilizer use. Water is produced up to 1 litre every 4 minutes at a clean to waste water ratios of 1:1, which is then stored in a 12 litre tank.

The REVERSE OSMOSIS (RO) process works by forcing water under pressure through a special TFC Membrane. The membrane has the astounding quality of attracting water molecules and repelling dissolved impurities, even those smaller than the water molecules themselves.

The REVERSE OSMOSIS (RO) purifiers remove all the contaminants of concern such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, heavy metals, inorganic chemicals, pesticides and algae.

Additional installation is required to connect to mains supply water.

(Code: 450-00-00)

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